Eggs are super ingredients that are used everywhere from breakfast to desserts! Yes, eggs are super popular over the world and you can prepare a lot of dishes from them in just minutes. Besides, eggs could be called a superfood as they contain a lot of nutrients that make eggs a super healthy product. They are full of protein and vitamins that are an essential part of a healthy diet. Check out coll recipes made from eggs we share with you: -You can make delicious dumplings with eggs -Use empty orange to bake eggs. This recipe might look crazy but it’s delicious and you should try it and amaze your family! -Have you ever tries noodles made from eggs? Check out how to cook perfect noodles -We share a perfect recipe of egg sandwich filled with bacon and vegetables. It’s a perfect decision for dinner -If you are tired of an omelet you prepare every day, try to cook various omelet recipes we share. You will love the idea of airy omelet we share -Cook egg sandwich using a plastic bag. Take a plastic bag and mix eggs, mustard, and spices in it -If you are a healthy eater and avoid fat, cook an omelet in a plastic bag. Mix all the ingredients in a bag and boil it. This omelet has fewer calories than fried one -Baked avocados with eggs are the best choice for those who prefer healthy food. Cut avocados and arrange halves in a baking tray. Carefully separate yolks using a plastic bottle and gently put 1 egg yolk into every avocado half. Season each filled avocado with paprika, dried bacon, ham, parsley or cheese and bake for 30 minutes

00:31 Egg noodles
03:08 Baked avocados with eggs
04:58 How to store eggs
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10:28 Egg sandwich

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