This time we prepared a collection of brilliant and surprising uses of hair ties that will ease your life and solve small problems around the house. Let’s get creative and learn these cool hacks. You will be surprised but you can use hair ties to solve small problems with your clothing like droopy sleeves and how to keep your off-the-shoulder tops in place. Moreover, you will learn how to cope with such problems as how to fix flip-flops and how to keep your wires in order, how to store makeup brushes and how to hang a picture using hair ties. And the funniest thing – you will learn how to make fake braces!
If you bought an oversized sweater you dreamt about but the sleeves look too long, there is a quick fix we are ready to share – take a couple of hair ties and place them over the wristbands of your sweater. Then, roll your sleeves and pull down the extra fabric to hide the hair ties. Ready! One more cook idea is how to keep the off-the-shoulder top in place especially when you move a lot or dance. No problem! You will need two safety pins and hair ties. Watch our tutorial! Make a non-slipping hanger by attaching the elastic bands. You don’t need to buy an expensive car phone holder as we have an inexpensive solution! Check out DIY smartphone holder for your car that you can make in one minute using only a binder clip and rubber bands of hair ties. Attach the binder clip to a vent in your car. Wrap the rubber bands around the handle and attach the phone. Watch full tutorial in our video!
Moreover, you will find a lot of clever ideas for travelers: how to fold clothes and save a lot of space, put a wine bottle into shoes, to keep it safe, use a t-shirt instead of suitcase cover.

00:09 Genius ideas with hair ties
00:26 How to make fake braces
02:00 Organizer for makeup brushes
04:41 Cheap phone holder for a car
05:05 Brilliant ideas for travelers
09:03 Quick way to clean dishes

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